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Producing Music with Reason – Udemy

Everything you need to know to get started producing great music with Propellerhead Reason (Version 7, 8 and 9)

Composer Edouard Andre Reny has created a video course showing you step by step how to produce music using Propellerhead Reason! It is packed with goodies that both beginner and intermediate level users will find extremely useful in all steps of the music production process: theoretical presentations, demos, screencasts, activities and invaluable tips and tricks dispersed all around the course

The first section is to get beginners started: you will understand how Reason works, create your first devices, play and record your first notes, and apply your first effects.

The second section is the core of the course. Everything you need to know to produce your first music track in Reason. Together, we will produce a short music piece with beat, bass, pad, piano, effects and we will even design our own ear candy. We will also extensively look into mixing theory and apply what we learn on our little creation. This exercise will give you the tools to fly with your own creative wings.

The third section compiles videos on how to install and set up reason, so that you can enjoy music making without any technical difficulties.

The last section contains bonus videos tips to help you explore Reason further. For example a video contains a compilation of really indispensable keyboard shortcuts. Another will explain what are Rack Extensions and how to explore them (We will explore one together to show you). This section is aimed at being dynamic, more videos will be added with time depending on your feedback and your requests.

This course is aimed at beginners and intermediate level users. In addition, it only requires the Reason package: throughout this course, we will only use the devices part of the base package (except some videos in section 4).

This course will show you fantastic tools to explore your own musicality, so have a lot of fun following it!


Objective of the course

  • Understand how Propellerhead Reason works and thus feel comfortable navigating it.
  • Produce and export full compositions in Reason with a professional sound quality.
  • Create musical devices (synth, effects, samplers, drum machines), play and record them.
  • Edit MIDI and Audio data.
  • Apply effects to individual tracks, mix music effectively and process the resultant master bus.


What are the requirements?

  • Students should be comfortable in using a PC.
  • Students should possess a relatively good pair of speakers or headphone.
  • Optional: students should own a MIDI controller or keyboard and have it connected to their computer.
  • Students should possess a version of Reason to pro-actively participate in the course (Version 7, 8 or 9). The (free) demo version can be enough. It doesn’t need to be installed or set-up (instructions are provided in Section 3 of the course


Who can benefit from this course

  • This course is for musicians and composers that wish to put into shape their musical ideas.
  • This course is for bedroom music producers that wish to design professional sounding music.
  • This course is for DJs that want to create their own sounds and beats to include in their mixes.
  • This course is for music producers that would like to explore an alternative DAW.
  • This course is for video creators that would like to make their audio more creative.
  • This course introduces Reason’s Synth, which can be of interest for sound designers.
  • This course is suited for rappers or slammers that wish to create their own beat for their lyrics.