Synaptic Machines is an independent music production company powered by composer Edouard Andre Reny.

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"A World of Electro" is a progressive electronic music album produced by composer Edouard Andre Reny
'"Fields of Impermanence" is a musical heaven for all those that enjoy calm music, that evokes nature and relaxing atmospheres.
Get Hypnotised by laconic trap beats spiced with orchestral elements, crystalline voices and moving guitars. That's what the Album "Drop it" will bring you!
ArtWork of the electro Anthem CD "Elevation", released in 2013 by Edouard Andre Reny. Royalty Free Licenses are available.

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Indians (2019) Buy License
The Message (2018) Buy
Start Again (2019) Buy License
Shit Trap (2019) Buy
Yellow Curtains (2013) Buy License

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