– Click on the music genre to explore a playlist of tracks in that genre.
– For basic information about how to license a track for your video, scroll down.
– For a more detailed FAQ Licensing , check the about page.

Licensing Music for your Video

If you wish to Licence one of more of Edouard’s music tracks,

_ Click on the music genre you are interested in.
_ A SoundCloud playlist will unfold with all the tracks of that corresponding genre.
_ If you find a music piece aligned with your needs, click on the little cart on the top right above the waveform, this will bring you to Edouard’s publisher’s site where you can directly purchase a licence for that track, or any of its alternative versions.

If you wish to include a music file into your video project it is required by law for you to purchase a “License”.
A license is an agreement specifying that the owner of a piece of music gives you the right to use his music in one or more of your personal and commercial projects. It is that right you are purchasing.
The money you pay for this right is called a “sync fee” or a “license fee”.

Clicking the cart icon on the right, above the waveform of the track, will bring you to one of Edouard’s Publisher’s Website (usually Musicloops, Audiosparx or Pond5).
There you can purchase a license for the music version of the track that corresponds to your needs (for example Instrumental, 60-seconds, seaming-less Loop etc…).
After the purchase, you will receive a document that certifies your right to use the track on your video. More information can be found in the ‘About’ section of this website. 

No, when you purchase a CD or a digital download, you are just purchasing a “listener” license. It gives you the right to enjoy the music for your personal use only. 
This means you can only play it for yourself, your family and friends.
Using it on a video or posting the music on the Internet as support for your own creation or production is strictly forbidden.

Head on to the ‘About’ tab of this website:
You will find more details about the rights and restrictions that apply when purchasing a Royalty Free music licence.
You will also find there more information on the licensing process itself.

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