Synaptic Machines is a music production company based in the Netherlands. It manages a catalog of about 100 royalty free music productions which are used in web videos, TV shows, radio shows, commercial and corporate videos, and various public and private events.
It was founded and is managed by French music composer and producer, Edouard André Reny.
Edouard has nearly 25 years of experience composing and playing as a multi-instrumentalist in various pop-rock, blues, rock, jazz, heavy metal, folk, singer-songwriter, and electro bands. Having travelled and lived all around the world, he gathered influences from numerous cultures which he now injects into his own compositions.
On one hand, Edouard produces royalty free music for Media (TV, Radio, Corporate Videos, Youtube Videos etc.).
Independently, on the other, he follows his path as a sonic artist, creating the music he wants to create by letting his musician soul take over. 
Edouard's music... 2 opposite faces of the same coin: conventional to enhance the message in a video (RF music) or... utterly insane electro bang!
There are two sides to Edouard when it comes to music:
He composes music for media, and then publishes these productions as royalty free music. His sonic exigence and the diversity of his influences allow him to produce broadcast quality tracks in the genres that are popular with video producers: corporate, commercial pop, and background music for videos.
Music for visual media aims at reaching a delicate balance: the music must enhance the message in the video, but not steal its thunder! It has to be catchy in a way that the viewer associates what he feels with the video, not the music. So, Edouard, aiming for that objective, needs sometimes to pull  the break on his creativity, and apply some “recipes”. For example:

As a creative musician, Edouard needs more. This is why he has another side… He dedicates a large portion of his music time to explore sonic possibilities, break some musical rules and come up with extravagant, yet highly addictive electro pieces.  Have a go at this one

He also enjoys more traditional music, like Electropop and World music, sometimes blending them together:

He is quite a fan of grand orchestras harmonizing multiple melodies and counter points:
Across the Internet, Edouard is known under multiple pseudonyms:
  • “Edward Keys”, represents his commercial side, where he licenses his music, royalty free, to video producers on major licensing platforms.
  • “Edouard Andre Reny” is his real official name. When Edouard started this business, he used his real name without knowing that this bivalence would emerge. So, this name is also used on some licensing platforms and publishers. Yet, on his more personal tracks, and self-published material, he signs the music with this name.
  • ”Synaptic Machines”, is the name of the company created to encompass all his professional  activities. Edouard may use ”Synaptic Machines” as a signature also, but only for releases as creative musician.

Licensing music

If you wish to include a music file into your video project it is required by law to purchase a “License”. A license is an agreement specifying that the owner of a piece of music gives you the right to use his music in one or more of your personal and commercial projects. It is that right you are purchasing. The money you pay for this right is called a “sync fee” or a “license fee”.
When your project is aired or distributed, the owner the music piece is entitled to royalties but not from the video producer. This is why the music is called “Royalty Free” as the only thing the video producer pays in the Sync Fee. So who pays these royalties to the composer? 
Your video will be broadcast by a company (TV, Cinema, Internet etc…). The broadcast company pays a blanket fee to a Performer’s Right Organisations (PRO). When the music is aired, a “cue sheet” is filed by the broadcaster to the PRO. This cue sheet indicates how long and how often the music was broadcast. The PRO will determine the share of the blanket fee that is due to the composer and pay the composer.
So the only thing  the video producer (you) is required to do is provide the information related to the music piece used in your project to the broadcasting company. 
Edouard is registered at the PRS (UK PRO), under the Name “Edouard Andre Reny” and his CAE (his composer ID number) is 706079447.
For Video platforms like Youtube, only the sync Fee is required. Sending cue sheet information to Youtube would be pointless. Yet, it is ethical that the name of the composer be mentioned in the video description (a mention in the video itself is appreciated, but not required).
When a person purchases a License for a piece of music. He is called a Licensee.
The seller of the license, who owns the music (composer) or the right to license the music (publisher) is called a licensor.
All licenses proposed by Synaptic Machines are “Royalty Free” licenses. By purchasing such a license, the licensee pays for the right to embed the music in his project without having to pay any additional fees: there are no royalties to be paid by the licensee.
The licensee does not own any other right on the music.
We do not plan to integrate a licensing shop within our website for now.
However, if you wish to license a track you hear on our site, a button or a link to the track page at one of our publisher’s website will show. These links appear as separate buttons in the “Singles” section of the website. In all other sections, “License” links are present in the music player. Please note that if for a given track, no “license” button appears, it implies that the track is not available for licensing.
Alternatively, you can visit our pages on our publisher’s website:
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When you buy a CD in a shop, or download a music album online, you are actually purchasing a “listener’s license”. Such license gives you the right for you and your close circle of friends and family to listen to the music. You are not allowed to use the music for any other purpose. If you want to use the music for another purpose, you need to purchase a “royalty free license” of the music adapted to the use you want to make of it (see following questions).
On this website, the tracks for which a simple “listener’s license” are available come with a “buy” or “purchase button”. The link will bring you to a 3rd party platform where you can purchase the music. We plan to integrated an online shop to our website very soon that will propose digital downloads and physical CDs.
Yes! 95% of the music tracks are available as:
  • Full, instrumental and narrative versions.
  • 15, 30 and 60-seconds edits
  • Stinger and bumpers
  • Loops
  • Sometimes, extra versions may exist (Drum & Bass, Minimal Mix, Shortened/extended versions etc…)
Take a look at a typical case here:
All licenses sold for use of our music are royalty free. By purchasing the license, you purchased the rights to:
  • Duplicate, embed and release the music as part of a new personal or commercial media production (including but not limited to TV shows, Movies, websites, DVD, Video Games, podcasts, multimedia productions etc).
  • Publicly perform or display the music.
  • Use the music as a soundtrack synced with visual images as part of a production.
  • Edit the music to suit the production.
  • Each license granted gives you the right to use the music in one single production. If you wish to re-use a previously purchased music licence for a different project, you will need to purchase a new license for that same track.
  • Film + Trailer of the film = same project –> Only one licence needed.
  • TV Commercial + Radio Commercial = two projects –> 2 licences needed.
  • Music for your Website + Music in a youtube video = two projects —> 2 licences needed.
  • Live performance in multiple clubs around the country = 1 project —> 1 license needed.
In doubt, please contact Edouard Andre Reny.
All licenses sold for use of our music are royalty free. Purchasing a license does NOT give you the following rights:
  • Resell, trade of exploit for profit the music as a stand-alone item. The music must be incorporated into a production and synchronized with other audio and/or visuals. Live performance of the music with a paid entrance is permitted.
  • Claim ownership for the music.
  • Use, copy and duplicate the music except within the scope of the licensee’s production.
  • Add lyrics or music to the music to create a derived musical work and claim ownership for this work (ex: DJ remixes).
  • Share, transfer or resell this licence to any other parties.
  • Use the music in any way that encourages or is associated with illegal or illicit activities.
  • Use the music as part of a product that actively promotes hate and racism.
  • All intellectual rights with regards to the marketing and sales of the licensed music remain property of the licensor (The composer).
No, you won’t!
The license allows you to use the music in your project whatever large its commercial success (all the music in our catalog that is proposed for licensing is published as royalty free music).
The only requirement is to inform the broadcaster of the origin of the music so the latter can file an appropriate cue sheet to the PRO with which he has a blanket license agreement.
No, this is not a requirement, but would be highly appreciated by the composer.
No problem, you can use the music as you like on your youtube videos. All the music proposed by Synaptic Machines is content ID free, meaning that it cannot be inadvertently flagged for copyright infringement.
We are in full conceptual opposition with Youtube policy to bypass PROs and privatize royalty redistribution. Consequently, we have not signed any agreement with Youtube in that matter and never will. In addition, none of our publishers have been authorized to do so on our behalf.
If despite our precautions, your video got flagged for copyright infringement, do not worry, just inform us: we will give you clear instructions on how to clear the issue and assist you in the process.
Just send us an email via the contact form and we will be more than happy to fill in the blanks for you. 
Edouard André Reny © 2019