How the musical spirit of Edouard Andre Reny stole his thunder...

Drop It – Promo Video


Discover diverse styles blended in an harmonious and emotional sonic texture: trap, electropop and orchestral music. I hope these pieces make you fly as much as they made me hit the stratosphere when I composed and produced them.

In the previous bunch of tracks I produced, 4 of them had a very personal touch. I decided to keep them aside and develop them fully as an artist. I am really proud of these four, much closer to my real being than the rest of the music I produce.



TRACK 1: THE SUN SETS (not shown in this video)

Ride on this emotional electro-trap vibe, and follow the story of this couple at the verge of a break up… Plunge yourself deeply into the melodies and resonate with the lyrics, goosebumps guaranteed! lyrics



Drop the Board, and let your road-surfing vibe flow! This track is inspired by what I feel when surfing the road full blast on my longboard.

Immerse yourself in the laconic melodies, and deep dive in all the little details that make this track a real mind blower. No need for shrooms or pot to get high with this one!



Inspired by a real personal story, where I got hypnotized by a woman I should definitely not have fallen for. Vibe with the lyrics, you will understand why this electro-trap ride will make you shiver when you recognize one of your own impossible love stories.

Electro-trap, orchestral flavors spiced with some more traditional rock and jazzy components will make you fly to musical heavens. Give a shot to that emotional ride, you won’t regret it!



Being friend zoned… that’s a toughy… especially when the unwanted feelings are very strong… This song expresses the dialogue between the friend zoned man and woman, the latter trying to put sense into her friend, by telling him to find his own way without her…

The song starts simple, just piano, double bass, and a few hints of Chinese Ehru, It develops into a full orchestral piece playing Celtic melodies with a blend of Asian and Western instruments. Be ready to get your skin covered with goosebumps on this one too!

Edouard André Reny © 2019